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The ECOICEmini is a very "ECO" air conditioning system.

A body is small. Even with it is a big "ECO".

It is establishment possibility in the narrow space, because it is a thin model with a small size.

The ECOICEmini is compact and the thin model design. It is possible an establishment also in the store with the restriction in an establishment place and establishment condition. The buildings surroundings be OK to the rooftop and parking place etc. of course! It is the large activity also in the area which building was dense.

Device of the tank that saves heat Outdoor device

Even the country is backing the introduction with a subsidy system.

Existing model with establishment balance of half it is fairly furthered although.


Furthermore in environment gently

Heat is saved by the few nighttime electric power of the gentle fossil fuel ratio in environment. It is the environment consideration style system that restrains the discharge of Co2 that is 1 In of global warming.

Because there is not combustion discharge gas is not sent. It is a safe clean system.

The emission power supply in terms of the time belt on 1st

Peak supply
Middle supply
Base supply

Puts up water style water power Adjustment pond style water power /Reservoir style water power
LNG, LPG, besides gas
Atomic power
Naturally flows style Water power/geotherm

Extract from the electricity business federation data