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With very profitable nighttime electric power summer saves ice and utilize to the air cooling in daytime. Winter saves a warm water and utilize to the frost collector.

Ice and warm water are made to "the tank that saves heat" with comparatively cheap nighttime electric power.
Air cooling to heat operate as for summer, winter utilizes the ice and warm water that saved it in nighttime to the frost collector of when.


Running cost of largely cut.

It is because the electricity charges use 70%* of cheap nighttime charge.

About 20% of consumption electric power at the time of the peak is reduced to use the ice that made a low saves heat adjustment contract in nighttime, in the case that it joined for the air cooling in daytime. Being able to reduce even contract electric power the basic fare becomes comparatively cheap.

The warm water that made it with nighttime electric power at the time of heating is utilized to a/the frost collector. It eliminates frost performance improves and heating efficiency improves and even electric power consumption able to save.

* Spite leadership of the heat adjustment contract that saves it for the use of business.

Electricity charges of ECOICE mini.

70% of cheaper nighttime charge is applied in comparison with daytime at the time of saves heat operation by contract joining.

Operation image

It is about 1kW cut to make ice with nighttime electric power.